With a buttery base, rich fillings and lashings of syrup, this pear & brown sugar tart is in a class of it’s own.


1 x Tart 9’’ or 22 cm x 3.5 cm 

Poaching liquor for pears 
½ orange sliced
½ lemon sliced
1 stick cinnamon
5 star anise
6 cloves
6 black peppercorns
80 ml white wine
80 ml sherry
175 gm soft brown sugar
750 ml water 
5 pears (Taylors gold or Beurre Bosc) 

Bring all the ingredients to a boil, except the pears and allow to infuse for 30 minutes

Peel the pears, cut in ½ lengthways and remove the core

Return the poaching liquor to the heat and bring to a simmer, poach pears in the liquor until just cooked

Remove from heat and allow the pears to cool in the liquor overnight

Drain pears and pat dry, cut each ½ pear into thirds lengthways, reserve

The poaching liquor maybe used again if so desired and you may wish to poach more pears than the recipe uses as they can be used for many different applications, use a cartouche when poaching the pears

Sweet paste  
410 gm pastry flour
150 gm butter
150 gm icing sugar
Pinch salt
3 eggs (No7)

Add the flour, butter, icing sugar, salt into a mixing bowl and mix with your fingertips until it becomes grainy or has the consistency of a fine crumble

Add the eggs and mix until a dough is formed

Wrap in clingfilm and rest in the fridge or approx. 3 hours 
Roll the dough out to a thickness of approx. 3 mm thick 

Line a flan (9” or 22 cm x 3.5 cm) and ensure that you overlap the dough on the top edge  

Rest in the fridge for 40 minutes

Bake blind at 180 deg C until a light golden colour 

120 gm butter
125 gm soft brown sugar
160 gm pastry flour
Vanilla essence
Pinch ground cinnamon
¼ lemon zest fine micro planned 

Melt butter

Add melted butter to the rest of the ingredients and mix until it forms a crumble 


Tart filling/ batter 
2 eggs room temp 
145 gm soft brown sugar
35 gm pastry flour
125 gm unsalted butter

Whisk on high speed the eggs, sugar and flour until a ribbon stage is achieved

Melt the butter and then continue to cook it until a nut-brown butter is achieved 

Place the mixer onto speed 1 and slowly add the brown butter, mix until just incorporated


To assemble 
Arrange the sliced pears in the tart ring with the bottom of the pear at the edge of the tart, this tart will take approx. 3 to 4 pears or 6 to 8 halves 

Pour the tart filling on top of the pears (you may have some leftover which can be poured into another vessel and be cooked)

Sprinkle some of the crumble on top of the batter mixture

Bake at 160 deg C in a fan oven for approx. 45 minutes 

Check the tart to see if it is cooked by placing a wooden skewer into the centre and comes out clean 

Remove from the oven and with a thin small knife, trim the top edge of the sweet paste off 

Allow to cool, add a light dusting of icing sugar and serve with soft whipped Chantilly cream and or vanilla ice cream